The United STATES of America

My friend, Mike Seden, asked me to post my point of view about the current Federal tax structure and the suggetsed FAIR TAX plan. I oppose BOTH. This country began with thirteen “states” and the respective Governors met and formed what we call the “Continental Congress.” Since 1776, much has changed – most for the worse. We now elect representatives to Congress and the Federal Govenrment acts as if the United States work for it – this is wrong – the Federal Government works for the States and we have allowed the Federal entity to increase its power and control over our states. As I sit at my own PC smoking an absurdly taxed delicious cigar and drink a double espresso, I am reminded of a comedian’s comment – about antonyms – word opposites – CONGRESS versus PROGRESS – PRO versus CON. Understand?

As I mentioned in a reply to my post on a different blog page, we need to have our Governors serve as our Congress, meeting to review and approve or adjust or kick back for rerwrite that which the Executive branch has prepared as our annual operating performance-based budget. This should be an annual event, with a 6-year master budget document, reviewed consistently and adjusted accordingly, and all members of all branches of govenrment should be single-term-only entities. We must review the bullshit campaign postures that we and the media have allowed and contributed to happening. We buy the fucking sizzle and ignore the substance. No one of the average American voters can tell me the voting records of the three main senators who were candidates in the 2008 election. Can you? The media fell asleep at the wheel in this area, didn’t it?

The States should be the taxing “body” and the Federal Government must be returned to its posture of working for the united states. This is not the United Country of America, is it? Is it not written that “in order to form a more perfect union…?”

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for example, staged the Whiskey Rebellion and now it sells liquor via its Liquor Control Board (LCB). This is wrong. This goes against our Constitution and free enterprise. We all know and keep a blind eye and a deaf ear to the corruption, nepotism and patronage that are part and parcel of current governments AND politics across all levels. WE KNOW THIS. WE ACCEPT THIS. WE PAY THE L & I FEES AND KICK-BACKS because it has become the path of less resistance. THIS COUNTRY WAS NOT FORMED BY FOLLOWING THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE.

We as a country have some serious amends to make – from the railroad-funded attacks against the buffalo and the Native Amnericans to the Euro-invasion that began this shit in the 1600s, it is time to acknowledge truth, stop teaching the myths in our public schools and hold our elected officials accountable. Please understand that this country was formed by landowners and the 18th. Amendment to our Bill of Rights changed this to allow rentors to vote – not just women, people. Do your homework!!! The State of New Jersey continues to call its county elected officials the Boards of CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS. Again, understand? Only owners of land free and clear of liens could vote – hence, boards of chosen freeholders.

Now – back to the tax structure. The FAIR TAX continues to maintain that the Federal government has the right to tax the states. THIS IS WRONG. The States must step up and require that the respective Governors serve as the original governors had served – to determine the course of the united states and to establish the tax base from which the Federal government can coordinate the unifed service provisions and the standing army to protect its citizens. Now to put this in perspective, how can the same entity declare manifest destiny from coast to coast and then create the Treaty of Paris in the 1800s to control Cuba? The current Federal government does not allow US citizens to do business with Cuban entities and I must buy cigars from other locations and I must swim at other beaches and I must eat at other venues. This, too, is absurd. We maintain our presence under the Treaty of Paris because this country began when the means of travel was sail boats! Our “leaders” of that era knew that maintining control over Puerto Rico and Cuba were required to defend our Eastern and Southern land areas of the continental statehood. Given current world travel, one must ask why former President Carter gave away the fucking Panama Canal and why his brother was allowed to sell beer to Libya? We establish a false morality and choose to defame former President Clinton because he received a blowjob in the White House… What the fuck, people? How Victorian are you all? How many glass houses of sinless people exist in our voting electorate? Why do we care about someone’s private mutally consenting sexual activities? Now we want to attack the Governor of North Carolina for doing what men and women do – we conjugate, just like verbs… never mind the homophobic bullshit about the former New Jersey Governor – his issue was gay sex with a state employee – pish ma shame – big fucking deal! Did he do a good job as Governor despite how he got his rocks off? Wasn’t this a tale told out of school by a disgruntled lover? How many of YOU bought or read HIS BOOK? Again, who fucking cares? Is your life so empty and your self-worth so low that you have to live vicariously through the lives of others?

Getting back to the tax structure – end Congress as we now know it; make the Governors serve as our Congress; make the President provide an annual budget for review and make the Senate pass the laws necessary to implement the approved spending plan. Limit all to one 6-year term in order that the campaign crap is eliminated and we receive 6 full years of truthful service.

Here is where the FAIR TAX kicks in – there are NO WAGE TAXES. The united STATES establish the tax base from retail and wholesale sales and from real estate transactions – sales and purchases. The total amount is presented to the Executive Branch to establish a performance-based spending plan to service our needs, desires, growth and development. The transportation networks are revitalized and we no longer allow the vehicle manufaturers to build self-deteriorating inferior vehicles. That we do not drive turbine engine powered cars is absurd! GM shelved the technology years ago and we remain on a 64% efficient internal comnbustion engine. STUPID is as STUPID does. NOW the USA bails out this deceitful failed business that did business with an established enemy – the same business that owned the Opel factory in Germany and built the Panzer tanks for Rommel in World War II. Didn’t know that, did you? What about IRG? Did you know the former Bayer Aspirin conglomerate owned and operated 40 concentration camps during the war? That this is the Walker-Bush family tree? Ever wonder about the wonderful amends that former President George W. Bush, Sr. accomplished on behalf of the Ethiopian Jews? Or the amends former President Carter accomplishes by Habitat for Humanity?

This being said -all of this – is why I cannot support any tax structure that continues to place the Federal government above the united STATES of America. We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union, must re-establish the States as the “boss” of this entity and we must stop promoting the lies and myths that “Indians” started scalping the “White man” as just one example. When the railroad companies paid for body counts, it became easier to carry scalps as proof rather than full carcasses – understand? And then there were the anthrax-laced blankets provided to the “herded” Native Americans. You all need to read “BLACK ELK SPEAKS” to learn some of the truth behind the myths. This book was published in 1932!!! There was no solid waste problem before the Euro-invasion of this pristine country. Imagine Miami Beach as a white birch forest with a turquoise ocean background?

Another tid-bit – that our entire transportation network is designed behind the width of two horses’ asses as used to pull the Roman chariots… ever wonder how the width or size of a wheel-base or the rail tracks were determined? Ever hear of the Appian Way? The Appian Way was one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic. It connected Rome to Brindisi, Apulia, in southeast Italy. The road is named after Appius Claudius Caecus, the Roman censor who began and completed the first section as a military road to the south in 312 BC during the Samnite Wars. The Roman army depended for its success on the use of bases in which to prepare for battle and to refresh and re-equip afterwards. Bases allowed the Romans to keep a large number of soldiers in the field waiting for the opportunity to strike. However, the bases needed to be connected by good roads for easy access and supply from Rome. The Appian Way was used as a main route for military supplies since its construction for that purpose in the mid-4th century BC.

The Appian Way was the first long road built specifically to transport troops outside the smaller region of greater Rome. The few roads outside the early city were Etruscan and went mainly to Etruria. By the late Republic, the Romans had expanded over most of Italy and were masters of road construction. Their roads began at Rome, where the master itinerarium, or list of destinations along the roads, was located, and extended to the borders of their domain – hence the expression, “All roads lead to Rome.” The road began as a leveled dirt road upon which small stones and mortar were laid. Upon this gravel was laid, which was finally topped with tight fitting and interlocking stones to provide a flat surface. Some of the stones were said to fit so well that you could not slide a knife into the cracks. The road was crested in the middle (for water runoff) and had ditches on either side of the road which were protected by retaining walls.

When wagons came into being, the wooden axles would break from the bumps when traversing the well-established ruts and this distance – two horses’ asses that pulled the Roman chariots – became the established width of roads and continues to this day!

Again, don’t you agree NOW that our States’ respective Governors are better equiped to review an Executive budget and establish the tax struxcture, based upon spending and sales, for our UNITED STATES? Why do we have “sin taxes” which are not fairly and equitably distributed? Why is there an income tax and so many forms and so many government employees required to review and assess this data? There is more to share but I am stopping now so you all can digest this amount of information and, hopefully, begin to re-think your own “status quo” and stop settling “just because” you may be ignorant of the options and the truthful history of THESE UNITED STATES?

I am just another man who wants to turn on some room lights in anticipation that someone else might see what the hell is going on around himnself or herself…

If you have read this far, then thank you so much – “Worse than being blind is being able to see and having no vision.”

“WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT THAT ALL [PEOPLES] ARE CREATED EQUALLY…” There is no divine right of kings and our President should never bow before anyone who may serve as a frickin’ potentate anywhere! We do not crawl before anyone and we do not lead with our chin or live like ostriches with our heads buried and our asses exposed – or do we? WHY IS IT OKTO BUY OIL FROM SAUDI ARABIA AND IRAN BUT NOT OK TO DRILL ON OUR OWN LANDS? Much like recovery houses or halfway houses for ex-offenders or mentally challenged residences – we as a “silent majority” don’t want this in our own back yards so we will support these entities in anybody else’s backyards… fuck that shit! Grow up!!!


One thought on “The United STATES of America”

  1. The easier path is to censor my passion or choice of words – the words I use reflect the community and language from my childhood and life. The words often become the reason people like you refuse to accept the message content – similar to color, religion, race, appearance, weight, clothing style or anything else you may select to segregate yourself from the content. I also assume you cannot see your prejudice or censorship and need to tell me how to write, speak or whatever else you may add to your list of directions. I surely understand your intent – how about respecting mine equally and allowing me the freedom of expression I may choose?

    That you make these words have whatever “power” is akin to Lenny Bruce stating during a monologue the need to say “nigger” enough times so a 10-year-old black child in Selma, Alabama will not cry when he or she hears that word. With usage, “nigger” now becomes a term of endearment to segments of our society. Censorship, no matter how well-meant or whatever your intention may be, is wrong and negative to the development of humankind. Thank you, however, for expressing the only thing you felt worthy of posting – and not about your support or argument against the content and this, too, is shameful and as disappointing as any other form of close-minded, provincial thinking.

    Perhaps that is why so few have controlled so many in this over-taxed and poorly managed system we all “salute” and pledge allegiance to… the republic. And perhaps this, too, is why our cleaning service people and our blue collar workers and our over-burdened teachers, expected to do what parents have failed to do for so many years, receive a different wage and social status than our celebrated ballplayers and rock stars… but what the fuck do I know? After all, I curse and for you, this is the only thing you find compelled to post about – imagine that?

    All things considered, thank you anyway for reading my blog and for at least letting me know what is the critical thought in “your” world… it helps me better understand the limitations of others and in what manner others wish to control me. Do you have a shirt color selection and pant style for my wardrobe tomorrow?

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