Available paintings


The One Who Said Enough
The One Who Said Enough

I have been working in my studio on canvas and hard surfaces and have been recreating custom design furniture in my off-site workshop and storage unit. The framed painting now hangs in my home office and the added photos on 11/3/2009 are with me as well. This is my home, my muse, my passion and my life work. Enjoy what I offer; if you wish to make a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you so much for your time to review my BLOG.


One thought on “Available paintings”

  1. If you left click on the pictures, you will see the details and purchase information. This painting was exhibited at the Newman Galleries this past June, 2009, and I will offer to you this reduced price through the end of the year. For only $1,900.00, you will receive this painting, framed, shipped directly to you fully insured, all inclusive. You must use PayPal at fantasyarts@msn.com to transact this business.

    This painting was on exhibit and now is in the possession of the artist – me – at my home. It currently hangs on the wall in my studio print center. I have a series of three pieces in Jewish aesthetic, yet universal in composition and experience. I will post the others on separate pages.

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