More Judaica from VISUALJEFF

IsraelAdamot - undivided sexuality as humanity -universal symbolThese are the two other paintings available from me. They sell for $2,400.00. The three cost $6,600.00 as $1,800.00 + $2,400.00 + $2,400.00 = $6,6600.00.


One thought on “More Judaica from VISUALJEFF”

  1. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: These pieces are available directly from the artist – me. The paintings will sell until 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2009 for $1,900.00 each which includes shipping and insurance and wiring but no frames unless shown in the web site image. These are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. If you purchase the entire three-piece series, your total price for the three is reduced again to a simple fee of $5,300.00, which is an additional $400.00 less than the individual acquisitions on a per-painting basis – especially reduced for 4th. Quarter FY2009. No one fully understands our current global economic market conditions, the socio-economic profile that is changing right in front of us or the future of these United States of America. I am a well-managed obsessive person with a high I.Q. and a relentless passion, andI have been tracking these aspects and making these assessments since 1968.

    I am offering to you right now your opportunity to possess one or more of my finished works at your best purchase price. Please let me know which paintings you enjoy.

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