Jeff Pergament Election 2016 Commentary

Jeff Pergament’s Donald Trump stories and the difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as President of the USA – the redacted version:


First and foremost, Donald Trump is using his own money to run his campaign while Bernie Sanders is using other people’s money, as he has for the past 25 years as an elected official, a professional politician as opposed to a successful independent entrepreneur. This difference is crucially important – Bernie Sanders is a bad choice to continue to receive public funds, and has been a part of the problem in the federal legislature for the past 25 years. Between 2004 and 2014, a decade of greed and legislative corruption, there has been a 14% increase in expenditures and a 13% decrease in median income for the USA population and our tax-based economy. Additionally, the House and the Senate took a two-year ten thousand dollar salary increase while freezing Social Security and Disability payments for those same two years. What began under Bush, Jr. has been parlayed under Obama and this situation, our current fiscal crisis, requires a successful business skill set to redevelop the Federal Budget into a zero-based performance-oriented budget document and to require the legislature to act upon the budget appropriations in a very timely manner. Politics as usual must come to an end.


As we all know how poorly the Congress and the Senate have acted, how can anyone support this old man who has taken public funds for twenty-five years and more as mayor prior to his federal elections?


That being said, as Administrator of Cultural & Heritage Affairs for Atlantic County Government from 1977 to 1986, I received national recognition for my annual budget documents as performance-oriented budgets with centralized purchasing and satellite services within a zero-balance profile. When Ronald Reagan was Commander-in-Chief, I was appointed to the President’s Taskforce on the Arts and Humanities with William Bennett as Chair. I will say that we did not agree on certain key issues but the renewal of both the Endowment for the Arts and for the Humanities was paramount. The issue of public television and the costs versus program development and major channel placement was the dividing line between government censorship via selective channeling versus freedom to create independent programs for the major networks. Many of us know how the artists’ funding was reduced by Senator Jesse Helms and the subsequent depletion of arts funds has been re-directed to advisory boards and nonprofits. The artists who remain independent continue to struggle unrecognized and under-funded, yet uncensored outside of this funding ecosystem of public-private partnerships, favoritism and nepotism. Economically, I had suggested to President Reagan within the White House Fellowship program, to invest in our international shipping and distribution to reduce the costs of getting US-made products to market by assessing the existing insurance situations around the world and adjusting the costs. Banking and insurance entities are the heart and lungs of this planet, people. We know the names – Goldman-Sachs, Citibank, the IMF, the EU Central Bank, Lloyd’s of London, Prudential – Panama registry for ocean-going vessels; Greek sea captains; eclectic service personnel.


Rather than do this, Reagan gave us all a $500.00 cash bonus through the IRS and a retail spending spree occurred throughout the USA. This tax refund bonus was a false flag attempt to hide the recession that occurred and to maintain the ongoing corruption. Reagan’s economic policies were 1932-based, as his scholastic studies were from the texts from that era, and his shortfalls are the result of this archaic education.  His Star Wars Defense Initiative began and then Chernobyl happened. Today, following Fukushima, the world faces a far worse future than ever anticipated in the 20th. Century. It seems we all should carry Geiger counters with us and wear face masks to protect us. The world is toxic and diseased.


From the Executive Offices to the Department of regional Planning and Development, I also was part of the permit review process for all casino hotel development in Atlantic City relative to resource encroachment and demolition or alteration. From the Marlboro-Blenheim to the Tropicana to the Trump Marina, my approval was part and parcel of the review and licensing process.


I had conducted a Historic Sites Survey of Atlantic County with grant funding from the Department of the Interior, to determine the appropriate sites and structures worthy of preservation and/or adaptive re-use and to record that which may no longer be available after the impending wave of development throughout the county. The Marlboro-Blenheim was not suitable as the iron oxide rebar eliminated an effective design for reconstruction relative to ingress and egress of a hotel-casino as required by state statute. I participated in a number of capital development projects for Atlantic County Government, including the glass curtain wall 8-story structure on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, the red brick prison in Mays Landing as well as the courthouse reconstruction and sculpture project in the center of the city. I resigned in April, 1986 and established a design/build consulting firm. I was office and project manager for Becht Engineering with my office located in Gordon’s Alley, Atlantic City’s famous pedestrian shopping venue which transitioned a neighborhood streetscape of row homes into first floor retail and upstairs residential, office buildings for professional service providers and boutique food and beverage venues.


With Becht Engineering, I secured the design/build contract to construct the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority’s administration building and to retro-fit the Trump Tower Hotel-Casino parking garage. In Atlantic City, architectural construction took what was known as “fast track” construction to open a venue quickly and use first year revenues to correct and retro-fit the infrastructure’s shortfalls and adjustments after “settling”. Robert Trump was Vice President and with whom I worked on the Trump Tower parking garage project. Becht is a structural engineering firm with a tremendous reputation for excellence. We owner-represented each project and engaged architects as sub-contractors or joint venture associates.


Here is a story about Donald Trump and his Atlantic City experience: When Donald was building his marina facility, his then wife stepped onto the floor where carpeting was installed and tripped. She cancelled the carpet and demanded that marble be installed. Donald Trump was away at the time and allegedly quite pissed when he learned of this change. Needless to say, the man who once declared that “cash was king” changed his tune and went heavy into a debt profile when faced with his divorce to protect his assets from divorce proceedings. The secret to success is hard work and determination to overcome the failures that befall us.


Currently, he, Donald Trump, remains the best alternative available from the following collective: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, John McAfee (and/or any other Libertarian candidate), unless, of course, you decide to carry a pen with you to the polls and write-in me, Jeffrey Pergament for President and Mona Ibrahim for Vice President in the upcoming November, 2016 national elections. Donald Trump is self-funded; so am I and this means everything! There is no “backroom boys and girls club” with Donald Trump or with Mona and me. Everyone else has such a backroom situation – and has had such a backroom in place for many years!!! Honesty; integrity; wisdom; experience; talent; passion – please write-in Jeffrey Pergament and Mona Ibrahim.


The American people don’t seem to know what truly is happening; for example, how can our federal government purchase 32 tons of hard water from Iran and then resell it to American businesses. This is very wrong. Although Americans continue to be imprisoned in Iran since 1979 and the attack against our embassy, our current president entered into a deal with Iran and this is a way to subsidize Iran’s nuclear program in an indirect way to avoid persecution. This is one example of many actions undertaken by the current POTUS that went against this country’s interests. It began at the beginning of his first term – selling weapons and artillery to Egypt and President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood while delaying a paid shipment of military supplies, weapons and artillery to Israel. When General Sisi deposed the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, Obama hit the roof and has played with Iran and the Shia collective against the Sunnis at the expense of our relationship with Israel.


There is a real and present danger throughout the world and it is fostered by the nation of Islam. The irrelevant people who ascribe to any given religion do not matter in this discourse. The ones who proclaim death to Americans, the ones who self-explode and kill those around them, the ones who teach hatred and murder and the ones who murder Jewish people specifically all around the world all are Islam. There are thousands and thousands of these people and we in America collectively need to wake up about this simple fact.


Just my experience…


Thank you so much.


Jeff Pergament


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