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It now is 12:13 PM EST as I begin this blog today. I was thinking last night about 1976 – 2017 – that is, what Netanyahu was doing from 1977 – today and what I was doing from 1977 – today. We have never met yet lived in close proximity to one another in our younger years. We also share a common Russian Jewish heritage and cultural ancestry. In 1977, I was appointed Administrator of Cultural & Heritage Affairs for the County of Atlantic, NJ and by 1986 was President of the NJ Associaition of County Cultural & Heritage Commissions, instrumental with other county arts and history agencies’ administrators and expert staff to establish a county block grant distribution program to fund local arts agencies and solidify the NJ State Teen Arts Festival with Federal flow-through dollars to the local communities in a direct manner, in order that middle school students and teen-aged visual and performing stduent-artists can perform, present and exhibit in a professional manner throughout the state of New Jersey. At the same time, Ben Nitay aka Benjamin Netanyahu, the future Israeli Prime Minster and MIT graduate argued on the local Boston TV debate show, The Advocate, that “the US should oppose the creation of a Palestinian state for several reasons.” (1978)

Benjamin Netanyahu On A Local Boston TV Show: A DEBATE


From MIT NEWS; online (Retrieved on February 16, 2017):

Mr. Netanyahu, who went by the surname Nitay while an MIT student, was at the Institute from September 1972 to May 1976. He proved very much to be a young man in a hurry as he earned two degrees-in architecture and management-and was on his way to a doctorate in political science before ending his studies abruptly to return to Israel in June 1976. That followed the death of his older brother, Yonatan, in a commando raid that freed passengers on a hijacked plane in Entebbe, Uganda. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took on double and triple course loads at MIT while simultaneously enlisted in the Israeli army. Netanyahu earned his bachelors in architecture in just 2.5 years, and earned his masters a year later in 1976. “Impressed by Mr. Netanyahu’s seriousness, Professor Groisser said, he broke his own policy and let the Israeli student take a double course load that first semester in 1972. When he showed he could handle the work, Mr. Netanyahu was permitted to continue with the double-load, enabling him-despite the break for war duty-to obtain the Bachelor of Science in Architecture (art and design) in 2.5 years, in February 1975. ‘He did superbly,’ recalled Professor Groisser. ‘He was very bright. Organized. Strong. Powerful. He knew what he wanted to do and how to get it done. He’s not the flippant, superficial person I keep reading about in the newspapers. He was organized and committed.’ Without breaking stride, Mr. Netanyahu, known to his friends as Bibi, went on to his studies at the Sloan School, co-authoring a nearly 100-page thesis and earning the Master of Science (MS) in Management in May, 1976.”

It also marked the beginning of his career in politics.

“He made it clear that he didn’t have four years to get an undergraduate degree,” said Professor Emeritus Leon B. Groisser of the Department of Architecture, recalling the day Mr. Netanyahu showed up in his office as a 23-year-old freshman and Israeli war veteran.

“He didn’t say it with bravado,” said Professor Groisser, who served as Mr. Netanyahu’s faculty advisor. “He said it as fact. He proceeded to overload and he did very well.”

Mr. Netanyahu, the son of a Cornell University professor, had spent most of his teenage years in the United States. He returned to Israel for army duty, serving five years in an elite commando unit and reached the rank of captain, before coming to MIT.

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Netanyahu was born in 1949 – the same year as my brother. I was born in 1951. Vladimir Putin was born in 1952. We all are peers. I resigned from government and became a consultant in 1986. Netanyahu ended his consultant posture and became the current Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu met with US President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, Febraury 15, 2017 (yesterday). This image, below, is from a follow-up intelligence report about that meeting that I received in my email Inbox; it was taken on September 13, 2016 in Aston, PA which is close to VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO & BOUTIQUE GALLERY in Primos, PA:


The webpage article (excerpt only) with a hyper- link included:

Curb Your Enthusiasm About the Trump Administration
By Col. (res.) Dr. Eran Lerman, February 15, 2017

The advent of President Trump represents a new era, a sharp turn from the policies of President Obama. Judging from the line-up of executive orders already signed by Trump, his new approach is taking shape quickly.

Obama began his eight-year administration by disregarding the written commitment made by his predecessor to Israel (the Bush letter to Sharon of April 14, 2004) and ended it with the parting shot of the US abstention on UN Security Council Resolution 2334. Along the way, he struck a nuclear deal with Iran’s Khamenei. It is therefore little wonder that the change in Washington is being welcomed by Israel, even before President Trump has had his say on the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

It would be preferable for Israel to curb its enthusiasm about the developments in Washington.

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Lerman continues to provide his reasons to support this position.

BUT – back to Ben and me; I was a Philadelphian who relocated to Atlantic City, NJ and was an Atlantic City High School graduate in the top 10% with exceptional math aptitude and skills, scoring a 756 out of 800 on my GRE for graduate school admissions; Ben was a Cheltenham High School graduate and then went to MIT. I went to Rutgers University on a scholarship in 1968. I left in 1970 to pursue a different course of study and graduated from Stockton University with Honors, and also with two degrees – Studies in the Arts and Developmental Psychology. I received secondary education certifications in art and special education from New Jersey and from Florida. By 1986, I was a member of President Reagan’s National Taskforce for the Arts & Humanities. I received my Doctor of Divinity in October, 2008, ordained as a minister and certified as a rabbi. What I can state about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that he has spoken and acted the most consistently as anyone I ever observed relative to the Iranian nuclear development situation that stands to become the world’s biggest problem if left to develop under Obama’s legacy deal with this enemy state that declared the death to America and to Israel. Why did Congress allow this act of treason to manifest? And THIS IS WHAT CROSSED MY MIND ABOUT 1979 – JIMMY FUCKING CARTER AND THE US EMBASSY IN IRAN AND WHAT I WAS DOING AT THE TIME AND WHAT BENJAMIN NETANYAHU ALSO WAS DOING AT THAT TIME – THIS BLOG TODAY IS A RESULT OF THAT CURIOSITY…





When Donald Trump was inaugurated, things changed immediately. The 8 years of devastation against the acquired American way of life had ended abruptly and a new beginning occurred. The DNC established its WAR ROOM and in associaition with CAIR, OFA and the former POTUS #44, Barack Obama, declared war against the GOP and the US President. The Democratic party “DECLARED WAR AGAINST THESE TWO ENTITIES!!!”

On Sunday, 1/22/2017 11:50 AM EST, the Sunday following President Trump’s inauguration, I received an email from the DNC Membership with this image:


Then, the DNC War Room ID appeared:


Again, I segue – there are so many puzzle pieces; so many blogs on the World Wide Web today; so many misleading gossip news headlines from our mainstream media venues – what can someone do? One must be his or her own ombudsman and do the research necessary to make informed decisions and suitable, successful, effective and efficient actions for one’s welfare and sustained quality of life. In comparing my life today to my past performance, my gratitude is fulfilling and my life is as it should be – happy, joyous and free despite all the shit that may come across my metaphorical fanblades.


This is me in July, 1974, 1 month after my daughter, Alethea Joy Pergament had been born.

The thought that occurred to me about 1979 to inspire today’s blog’s writing was the TV broadcast of Tehran, Iran, subsequent to the US Embassy take-over and the return of Khomenei from Paris, France to establish and rule the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG), the Shia element of Islam, unlike Saudi Arabia, the Sunni aspect of Islam. This television broadcast showed the world a collective of men only walking in the streets and self-flagellating by whipping their own foreheads to draw blood. This barbarian manner of dogmatic practice is disgusting, destructive and negative to life sustaining designs for shared space and time for humankind. History clearly shows us how intrusive and lethal Islam can be upon an area in which emigration occurred.

Observing that former President Obama not only paid a cash sum to Iran, he entered into an agreement that prevents the USA from assisting Israel if Israel were to be at war with Iran. Additionally, a CBS news anchor who was jailed in 1979 during President Carter’s tenure remains in jail today despite the millions of dollars in foreign currency that Obama had flown to Tehran, Iran. To discuss the problems that ensured from Carter’s actions as POTUS would require another blog and will happen at another time; not now; not today.


Donald Trump Holds Joint Press Conference With Israeli PM Netanyahu


38 years later, the US still fights behind closed doors with Iran in one way and in the public arena in another way. The only consistent opponents, with logic, reason and an appropriate premise and foundation for argument against a nuclear development program in and for Iran, are Benjamin Netanyahu and I. There are others who are agree with us and against this; several are my friends and associates. This, however, is my blog. My name is Jeffrey Pergament and I oppose the IRG, the Khamenei and any nuclear development in and for Iran. Period.

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In order that those who may be blessed to read this can better understand how expensive US freedoms actually are in 2017, I publish the expository elements that are present on this webpage and several other web pages that I design, administer and publish. Morals are human inventions that disguise the actuality of what it is to be fully human. The anecdotes and metaphors we have read since biblical times are taken as gospel and the messages have been so misunderstood for so many centuries that millions stagnate and wait for another messenger. How many more are required? The message is the matter; not the messenger!!! We do not kill the messenger – or do we? Perhaps we need to ask Jesus of Nazareth if we do indeed kill the messenger. Too many of our children now entertain themselves by shooting each other on the streets of our major urban communities. From Philadelphia to Chicago, annual homicide records increase annually and nothing seems to dimnish the number of murders or the lowering of the age of the actual murderers.

There is no cure for stupid but there is a solution for ignorance. Knowledge, education and factual direct experience offset ignorance. “Contempt prior to investigation” has led us to an impasse across the globe and the scapegoats have become false flag issues between a non-existent yet proclaimed non-Jewish Palestine versus Israel, the original Palestine as named and declared by global geo-political entities when land boundaries were decided more than once in the past two centuries. Stemming from the 1915-1923 Ottoman Empire genocidal reign of terror across the Middle east and Asia, Israel today is an unfair and unjust target of antagonism that is built upon a paltform of duplicity. Coupled with Islamic

Taqiya, “a form of Islamic dissimulation or a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny their faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution.” every geo-political entity on this planet has an inherent double-edged sword in developing partnerhsips and allegiances with Islamic states.
In the most liberal manner of contemplation, this, of course, is simply an identity crisis and a split personality for a specific Asiatic geo-political entity. Prior to the 1972 Munich Olympics and the atrocities that occurred by Arafat et al and the world’s introduction to a bizarre collective, the PLO and its contemporary entity, the PA, this continual usage of the word, “Palestine,” has created the illusion that the UN genral Assembly recognized a fictitious entity as the state of Palestine – WTF?!? This is the epitome of insanity and delusion around the world – that this entity deserves quantification and billions of dollars in funding from the USA and other nations, NGOs and other revenue sources. By such means, Gaza shouId be a Five-Star Mediterranean Seaside Resort rather than an undeveloped region that has a very small segment of very wealthy people at the expense of the greater majority of Gazan citizens. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, I am going to post a graph that shows how many Gazan millionaires exist against a geographic toilet that should be a pearl along the Mediterranean Sea, despite the level of pollution in that body of water, no matter how caring the Prince of Monaco may be. Today is the time simply to cut the crap around the world on every front.
Satellite image showing the barren land and the developed land – Gaza versus Israel; 2016
In the photo above, Hamas boss waves to crowd in Gaza as he stands with convicted murderer Yahya Sinwar, released for the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Retrieved on February 16, 2017):

“The Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange (Hebrew: עסקת שליט‎‎; Arabic: صفقة شاليط‎‎) followed a 2011 agreement between Israel and Hamas to release Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 prisoners – mainly Palestinians and Arab-Israelis, although there was also a Ukrainian, a Jordanian and a Syrian. Two hundred and eighty of these were sentenced to life in prison for planning and perpetrating various attacks against Israeli targets. Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari was quoted in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Hayat as confirming that the prisoners released as part of the deal were collectively responsible for the killing of 569 Israelis. The agreement came five years and four months after Palestinian militants captured Shalit in southern Israel along the Gaza Strip border.

The deal, brokered by Mossad official David Meidan through a secret back channel run by Dr. Gershon Baskin and Hamas Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Ghazi Hamad authorized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on one side and Ahmad Jaabri, head of Ezzedin el Qassam forces in Hamas on the other side. The list of prisoners to be released was based on previous work conducted by German and Egyptian mediators and coordinated by Bundesnachrichtendienst agent Gerhard Conrad, was signed in Egypt on 11 October 2011. Its first phase was executed on 18 October 2011, with Israel releasing 477 Palestinian prisoners and Hamas transferring Shalit to Cairo. In the second phase, which took place during December 2011, another 550 prisoners were released. At Shalit’s release Hamas had several militants with suicide belts in case the Israelis attempted to renege on the deal at the last minute. The agreement is the largest prisoner exchange agreement Israel has ever made and the highest price Israel has ever paid for a single soldier. Gilad Shalit was also the first captured Israeli soldier to be released alive in 26 years.”


A tunnel from Gaza to Israel for smuggling and to launch terroristic activities in Israel.



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