VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO was established in 1986 in Linwood, NJ. In 1990, I relocated to Key West, FL and in 2002, I established my studio at my present location. This is my WordPress blog. I also am on Patreon, LinkedIn and Facebook. I have two WordPress blogs. This is one of them. The other is art5138. Enjoy reading my mind and welcome to my world; I will share my truths. I work for no one and take no endorsements to write anything about anyone or anything. I create art; I reared a daughter; she is deceased. I wrote a book and my art and educational theories were published in 1976. Your opinion of me matters not – the “take what I could use” elements that come from the heart of those whose path crosses mine are wonderful – thank you for that, and for your love, support and concern; the tears, when they come, are good for me; the changes as well. I thank the Lord for bringing me this day and for all of you around me – good or bad. Whatever value you add is simply that… value added to my life and the experience thereof…

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Never meant to be this long…

Sitting on a concrete back deck one afternoon, three men were discussing life after a hurricane and an island that had been submerged in a fecal cocktail of sewer water mixed with the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Following 150 mph winds and rain from Hurricane Georges, Key West went underwater for three days. On the 4th. day, the water receded and the sun appeared and began to bake the fecal-tainted surface coating chest-high across the coral rock island. I was one of the three men on that concrete deck. Willy and Bobby were the other men. Willy was a builder of sorts and Bobby was a chef. It was Willy’s house and his back deck was the highest section of Key West, 13” above sea level. A concrete cistern was next to the deck in the back yard. His deck was dry and shit-free, frankly. FEMA came to Key West to pressure wash the buildings and the streets and created a gigantic pile of shit-tainted waste material along the gulf side of the island. FEMA was a very ineffective agency at the time…

Our discussion led to an idea – Bobby decided to return to Baltimore to pursue his chef career. My contracts for lighting and audio for nightclub designs were “on hold” since all the venues were destroyed or damaged significantly by the hurricane, and I had no work or means to generate revenue. Bobby had been told that his kitchen would not be ready for 6 months. Willy suggested that I accompany Bobby to visit my newborn granddaughter. This seemed like such a great idea at the time… The reality did not match the perceived anticipated experience. Bobby had no money. I had stored all my surviving possessions with friends on Stock Island and had a small bag of toiletries with me. I wore cut-off shorts and a tank top. Bobby owned a Chevy Geo, a very small car. Suffice to share that when we pulled into “South of the Border,” I bought a chicken salad sandwich and Bobby bought a warm 6-pack of beer. There were no joints; no lines; nothing but a tiny car and two tall men without funds on a journey from Key West to Philadelphia, a place that I convinced Bobby was a short ride from Baltimore. Without funds, US 1 is a very long drive from Baltimore to Philadelphia and when I exited Bobby’s Geo at a phone booth on Township Line Road (US 1) and Route 3 (West Chester Pike), that would be the last time I ever spoke with Bobby. I couldn’t tell you if he ever made it to Baltimore.

I came to the Philadelphia area for a 3-day visit to see my daughter and her new daughter, my granddaughter. That was 1998. As if I were the metaphor for the S.S. Minnow and Gilligan’s island, I remain in the Philadelphia area, my daughter is deceased, and my granddaughter now is 19 years of age. I have been told that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I also know that we spend our time in hell on earth as mortals and we all go to “heaven.”

Shit happens; things change…

That journey began in September 1998. Today is April 17, 2018 – almost twenty years after that point in time. I have lived in the same location for almost 16 years so far – the longest I ever lived anywhere in my entire life.


Although I was born in Philadelphia (17th. and Chelten in North Philly), I was reared in Atlantic City, NJ from 1961 and lived in Atlantic County until June 1990. I moved to Key West in June 1990 and returned to Pennsylvania in July 1991 to work with Michael Pedicin on his 3rd. album and his first as FEA Records, his label, rather than Blue Note Records. We used the studios and engineers at Masterworks recording Studio on Delaware Avenue in Philly to complete the masters and then the actual CD “blister” package was bar coded and released with Warner Brothers but manufactured in Canada. I returned to Key West in February 1992 and my daughter “left the roost” to make her own path before the summer. I never saw my daughter again. We spoke and wrote letters, but we never saw each other once she was 18 years of age. She died in June 2011.


Jeff Pergament


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